Backless Booster Seats:
What's Changed?

Regulations around backless booster seats have changed. There's no need to panic, they weren't changes to the car seat laws. But so you know your stuff, here's a quick guide on what's changed so you can get up to speed.

backless booster seat law backless booster seat law

On 9th February 2017 new regulations around backless booster seats came into effect.[1]

Remember this wasn't a change to booster seat laws, just updated rules and regulations about all new to market backless booster seats.

How Have the Rules Changed Concerning Child Booster Seats?

Simply put, the new rules mean that as of 9th February 2017 all new to market backless booster seats are only approved for older children - specifically children weighing more than 22kg and taller than 125cm.[1]

Children smaller than this, it is recommended for them to travel in a highback booster car seat.

Is My Current Booster Seat Legal?

Yes, if it was designed, manufactured before 9th February 2017... this is the part where it may get confusing.

The update to the regulations only applies to newly designed and manufactured booster seats that went on sale after 9th February. For older seats designed and manufactured prior to 9th February, the older rules still apply.


So, if you already owned a backless booster seat and have been using it after 9th February you have NOT been breaking the law, which means there's no need to be scared by tabloid tales of them being banned or outlawed.

Is My Old Booster Safe?

Your old booster seat still complies with the R44.04 regulation, however, highback boosters are recommended as a safer alternative to a backless booster.

highback booster seats at mothercare highback booster seats at mothercare

Do I Need to Buy a New Car Seat?

Mothercare has always recommended that parents buy a highback booster seat rather than a backless booster as highback car seats offer better protection.


A highback booster car seat is designed to guide the adult seat-belt across the child's body properly. In addition to this, they also offer a higher level of side impact protection.

We have a wide range of highback booster car seats available, you can find them here.

highback booster seats at mothercare


[1]. UK Government, New child car seat rules: no change for existing booster seats. February 2017