splish, splash: bath and toilet training guides

There are lots of exciting things to think about when you’re pregnant, like what to name your baby and what colour to paint their nursery. But once they arrive you’ll need to learn the everyday stuff. If you’re a first time mum who has never bathed a baby or bought nappies before, don’t worry - because you’re certainly not alone.

Our beginner’s guides to bath and toilet times will have you feeling like a professional mama. We’ve put all of our guides to bath and toilet training below, so they’re in one easy-to-find place - enjoy.

beginner’s guide to bath time

Bathing your baby for the first time can be a bit of a juggling act. Our guide will help you make the experience comfortable and reassuring for your baby, while also offering advice on how to get them squeaky clean.

beginner’s guide to bath time >>

beginner’s guide to nappies

If you’ve never changed a nappy before this guide is for you. We’ve got all the information you need, from what you should keep nearby whilst changing a nappy to specific tips for changing little boys and girls.

beginner’s guide to nappies >>

guide to toilet training

Toilet training sets your child up for life. This guide will help you to figure out when your child is ready to move away from nappies, what you’ll need to buy to get started and (of course) how to do it.

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