the best baby bath equipment

baby ready for bath time

Bath time with your newborn can be a special bonding experience[1] and not to mention a whole lot of fun. Some babies take to water easily, while others are less keen at first. Fortunately there’s lots of equipment to help convert even the grumpiest little one into a water baby. Here's what you should have to hand.

baby ready for bath time


a suitable tub

While you don’t need a special baby bath, it can make things easier. The best baby baths have a compact design to help save on valuable space. If you’re likely to travel a lot, it could even be worth getting a foldaway one.


a newborn support

If you decide to bath baby in your own bathtub, a support will keep your hands free for sponging and play. For newborns, choose a foam or fabric option that supports their full body and keeps their head out of the water.


a bath seat or swivel chair

Once your baby can sit up by themselves, swap their bath support for a bath seat or swivel chair with non-slip grips. This will help them keep their balance during washing. You can also get fun designs with toys on to keep your child happily distracted.


soft towels

It’s handy to keep a clean, hooded towel in the bathroom to snuggle your little darling into when they come out of the bath. Go for one that's super soft for delicate skin, and big enough to wrap them up from head to toe.


a bath thermometer

A bath thermometer helps you to make sure that the water is just right for your little one. Newborns can’t regulate heat the way adults can, so they need a bit of help from us. The best baby bath temperature is 36 degrees.[2]

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