two’s company, three’s a party:
your relationship during pregnancy

There are lots of changes going on right now and it’s not uncommon for relationship problems during pregnancy to crop up. So it’s important that you and your partner support each other and work together to welcome your little one into the world.

contemplating relationships in pregnancy

conquering mood swings

Right now, your body is going through amazing changes. In your first trimester, hormones and tiredness are running riot and you might feel unable to control your mood swings.

When you’re feeling down during pregnancy, it can help to try to look at the big picture. Remember that the way you’re feeling is most likely due to hormones and it won’t last forever. It’s easy to snap at the person closest to you (usually your partner) but count to ten and take a breath before your temper gets the better of you.

talk to each other

Relationship problems during pregnancy are more common than you’d think. This might be a euphoric time for you both but it’s also bound to be stressful – there are baby names to settle on, nursery equipment to pick (and that’s before we’ve even started on nappy changing duties…). With everything that’s going on in your body it’s normal to feel vulnerable but it’s important to speak to your partner.

Make time for open discussions and be honest and frank about your hopes and fears. These chats will make sure you’re both on the same page through each stage of your pregnancy.

plan together

Making plans with your partner is a great way to remove worries and barriers in your relationship. Whether you’re planning the birth, the nursery or your first family trip to the seaside, making plans for the future shows that you’re working as a team.

Remember that it’s not all about baby! Make time for your relationship, whether that’s a trip to the cinema, a weekend away or just sitting down with a cuppa.

don’t forget intimacy

With your body rapidly changing and hormones flying all over the place, sex might be the furthest thing from your mind. It’s easy for you and your partner to become preoccupied with the baby’s needs and forget about your own but remember that intimacy is important.

It’s perfectly fine to have sex during pregnancy. Some women find they want it more and others find they don’t want it at all. If you’re not really feeling in the mood, try creating intimacy with massage. Be aware of the bump, keep pressure light and enjoy yourself.

finding help

If you and your partner are struggling to cope with arguments during pregnancy try getting advice from a councillor. While it’s important for the two of you to talk, try not to take on unnecessary stress. Having a third party to talk to could help relieve the tension.