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dental care in pregnancy

Your body changes in so many wonderful ways when you're pregnant, and that includes your gums. As there’s a bit more of a chance of them becoming infected when you're expecting, it's a good idea to pay a bit more attention to teeth cleaning while pregnant.

You'll be taking extra special care of your body at this exciting time anyway, so simply add your teeth and gums to that list (particularly if your cravings lean towards chocolate rather than broccoli!). The great news is, you'll get free dental care while pregnant.

how can i get free dental care?

Simply ask your midwife, GP or health visitor for a FW8 form. Fill it in and ask them to sign it, then pop it in the post. It might take a few days for your maternity exemption certificate to arrive, but it’ll be valid for a whole month before the NHS received your FW8 form, so you can use it to claim back any costs. Just make sure to ask for an NHS receipt for any dental work you have done while you’re waiting for your certificate to arrive.

Your maternity exemption certificate is valid for a whole year after your baby’s due date. As you’ll need to show it whenever you have dental work done, or collect a prescription, it’s a good idea to keep it in your wallet.

can you go to the dentist while pregnant?

The answer is yes! Having a simple check-up can give you peace of mind that your teeth and gums are healthy. And if you could do with any help, this is your chance to get it done for free.

do i need to tell my dentist i'm pregnant?

Even if you don’t want to claim free dental care, it’s worth telling your dentist you’re pregnant. Some types of treatments aren’t recommended when you’re expecting, so your dentist can advise you what the best options are.

my dentist doesn’t offer nhs care!

Don’t panic! Just visit the NHS’s website to find a local dentist who will offer NHS care.