party time:
9 top tips to throw the perfect baby shower



After months of anticipation, the moment has arrived – time to start planning a baby shower. By your friend's third trimester she'll appreciate the opportunity to spend a bit of time with family and friends, making lovely memories while celebrating her upcoming arrival. As proud as you are of your friend, it can be a little bit overwhelming when you're the one in charge, especially if you’re left wondering “What is a baby shower?”

Whether you host a simple gathering with close friends or a lavish outing with a big guest list, a baby shower is the perfect way to pamper any mum-to-be. There’s often food to enjoy, games to play and plenty of presents for your mum in the making. With so much to plan, here are a few ideas on how to host a baby shower and get the party started.

plan wisely

When it comes to how to throw a baby shower, it's good to have a plan and think about what do you need for a baby shower. Find a venue that's easy for everyone to get to and if you hold the festivities at your friend’s place, ask the others to help prep the food and tidy up after.

think theme

If you're looking for baby shower theme ideas,[1] maybe think about colour coding the shower with simple pastel shades and add some baby shower bunting for simple decoration. Or take inspiration from one of your friend’s faves – like a children's book or film character she loves.


lay on a spread

A tea party or buffet[2] can work really well for showers as each guest can bring something along – plenty of variety and minimum fuss!

funny features

Set up a ‘craving station’ full of weird and wacky combinations to bring a touch of humour to the spread, especially if you include some of her own cravings.

add the wow factor

A beautiful cake in the shape of a stork or moses basket topped with some baby shower cake toppers is bound to impress, or cake pops in the shape of booties for an extra cute touch.

raise a toast

Celebrate in style with a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly or mocktails to toast your friend with some heartfelt words.


get crafty

When it comes to baby shower games and activities, it's time to get crafty. Perhaps some themed baby shower activities like painting baby crockery or making a baby clothes bouquet and definitely, some baby shower party games.

make memories

Make the baby shower a truly memorable one with some nice little touches. Create a memory book or a wall hanging with messages and helpful tips for when the nappy changing begins. And don't forget to take lots of pictures!

plan the perfect pressie

Now, what to buy for a baby shower? It can be difficult to know exactly what to buy, and there is always the possibility of buying something the same as someone else. So when it comes to the perfect baby shower present, why not all club together to buy pampering mum-to-be treats or a spa day and cute baby outfits – a personalised all-in-one will make mum-to-be melt.