twin babies faqs:
two for one

Finding out that you're expecting twins is a wonderful (and maybe a bit shocking) surprise. You were expecting to welcome one baby, and now two are coming along at once. You're bound to have a few questions about what being the mama of twins is going to be like, and we're here to answer them: from birth to beyond.

twin pregnancy questions answered with mothercare

will my labour be twice as long...and twice as painful?

Nope. The first stage of labour is exactly the same as with one baby, but you repeat the second stage (the bit where you push). Things move quite fast when you have twins, but you should have time to cuddle baby number one before baby number two arrives.

do i need to have a caesarean?

Most doctors recommend it because giving birth to twin babies is a bit riskier than giving birth to a single baby, but if your pregnancy hasn't had any complications you can speak to them about doing it naturally. Around four in 10 twins in the UK are born naturally.

what kind of birth differences can i expect?

Early labour is more common with twins, with most arriving around 37 weeks. Your babies will be smaller because there's only so much room in your womb. The average birth weight for twins is 5lb 8oz compared to 7lb 8oz for solo boys (7lbs 4oz for girls).

how do i tell them apart?

Even if they're not identical they'll probably look pretty similar for the first few weeks. Until you really get to know their little quirks, it's a good idea to dress each one in a different colour. Try to get used to using their names rather than calling them 'the twins'.

will i have enough breast milk for two newborns?

Yep. Your body keeps making milk if there's a demand for it. It'll save you loads of time if you can find a way to feed both babies at once. Holding them like rugby balls, one tucked under each arm, is a good way to do it.

can i bottle feed my twins?

Although breastfeeding has lots of benefits for smaller premature babies, bottle feeding is fine too. You and your partner can feed both babies together, sharing that wonderful bonding time as a family. It also means guests can enjoy the lovely experience while you pop your feet up.