gowns and godparents:
six tips for christenings and naming ceremonies

baby christening and naming ceremony tips from mothercare

It’s your little one's first big family event: their very own christening or naming ceremony. This is when your baby is officially welcomed into the world by their nearest and dearest, and while they won’t remember it, they’ll love looking back at photos in the years to come. You can make their ceremony a memorable one for the whole family with the help of our six handy tips below.

baby christening and naming ceremony tips from mothercare


christening or naming ceremony?

Both occasions, which see friends and family come together to mark the arrival of a little one, can be used to officially name your baby. Deciding between a christening and a naming ceremony – or a slightly less formal church blessing – is a personal choice depending on factors like religion, family tradition or just the preference of the parents.


choose a theme

Make your baby's christening or naming ceremony an adorable event with a theme. Pastel decorations are a classic choice, especially if you go with pink or blue, though beige and pale yellow have also become popular in recent years. Once you’ve decided on the colours, you can start making the bunting!


finding a christening gown

On such a special day for your newest arrival, you will want to them to look their cutest dressed in a christening gown, with both girls and boys traditionally wearing a long cream or white one. Chances are that a gown will be passed down from a previous generation, but if not, there are plenty of vintage and contemporary choices available.


selecting godparents

Choosing your baby's godparents is a wonderful part of the naming or christening ceremony, as you provide your little one with even more loving adults to take care of and spoil them! While this used to be based on the prospective godparents’ Christian values, the choice today tends to be based on them being the parents' close friends.


the service itself

The practicalities surrounding christenings and naming ceremonies are broadly similar, in that you should start by asking everyone to arrive ten minutes early. Choosing delicious canapés is a good idea too, and you’ll also need to arrange some entertainment for the little ones – balloons, maybe, or small story time activity.


prepare a gift list

Starting or expanding a family can be a little on the costly side, so preparing a gift list for your friends and family can help them chip in for those bits and bobs you need to look after baby. From handprint sets to new toys, there are bound to be things you want, or need, but haven’t had the time to buy.