Baby development at 9 months Baby development at 9 months

your baby’s


at 9 months

how to help your baby's development at  9 months

From babbling away to cruising round the furniture, there's never a dull moment with a playful nine-month old around. Their growing sense of humour means lots of baby giggles. We just can't get enough!

When your little one talks to you, be sure to respond and talk back to them. Although it sounds like they're just gabbling, psychologists reckon baby voice patterns follow the rhythms of a real language. As far as your baby is concerned, they're having a real conversation with you.

Unfortunately Google Translate doesn't have an option for baby talk, so you're just going to have to guess at what they're on about. Try to answer and respond to them, as it'll give them a real confidence boost. Keep narrating everything you're doing to help them to build up their language skills. Story times, nursery rhymes and sing-song sessions are a few other ways to communicate with your nine month old.

just cruisin'

9 month old baby playing in their walker

just cruisin'

This month your baby might start leaning on furniture and using it to support them as they shuffle around the room. They're not quite ready to let go and start walking, but a sturdy baby walker will give them more freedom and support to explore.

perfecting the pincer

Your little one is getting really good at grabbing things with their thumb and first finger, instead of their whole fist. This is great for grabbing tiny things like raisins (or your favourite earrings!). Be careful to keep little bits and bobs well out of reach.

where did you go?

mum playing with her 9 month old baby

where did you go?

Separation anxiety is a big one this month, and who can blame baby? You're the most important person in their life. Games of peekaboo, or leaving baby with a trusted friend for a few minutes, helps them to understand that you do come back.

game of favourites

Around this age your baby might develop an attachment to a treasured dolly or blankie that they'll want to bring everywhere. Wash it frequently so they don't get too used to the smell, and keep a spare one somewhere just in case.

gaining independence

They're no longer a baby, but a tiny individual. Give them space to explore, praise them, and smile when they do something new. This will boost their self esteem and help them grow into a confident little person.