Baby development at 8 months Baby development at 8 months

your baby’s


at 8 months

how to help your baby's development at  8 months

Your little explorer will be crawling, rolling and bottom-shuffling their way around the house this month and you better believe they'll want you in tow! They're constantly on the move, so you'll need to be on your guard

It's all about making sure your baby is safe this month. You might feel a bit silly, but crawling around on your hands and knees is the best way to get a baby's-eye-view of your home's dangers (and temptations). Once they've worked out how to hurtle around the room at high speeds, baby-proofing is absolutely essential.

Start by installing stair gates, tying up cables and curtain cords, and keeping sharp or small objects well out of reach. You might also want to stop using table cloths that baby can grab and pull, and keep your pots on the back burner while cooking dinner. You can use our baby proofing safety guide to make sure your home is totally safe for your mini Christopher Columbus.

sight for sore eyes

cute 8 month old baby and their developing eyesight

sight for sore eyes

Your baby's eyesight is almost as good as an adult's now. They can spot things from across the room, and let you know if they want it. They'll either point to it or (if they're really keen) crawl towards it. Another reason why baby proofing is so important this month!

empathy for others

Your baby's emotions are continuing to develop, and if they hear another baby crying around this month they may join in. This is called 'reflexive crying' and it means they feel sorry for the other child. Aww!

express yourself

Now's a good time to teach baby some simple hand gestures so that they can tell you what they want. This can ease their frustration and make them happier. Just remember to use normal speech along with the signs so that they make the link.

a whole new world

8 month old baby in their cot bed

a whole new world

You'll need to be extra vigilant this month as your baby discovers the world around them. You might see them trying to pull themselves up on furniture. There'll be some real heart-in-mouth moments as they wobble, but they'll soon get the hang of it.

back to work?

You might be thinking about going back to work soon. It's a really big step, and a really important one too. Our returning to work page has lots of tips on preparing yourself and your little one for it.