Baby development at 7 months Baby development at 7 months

your baby’s


at 7 months

how to help your baby's development at  7 months

Watch out! This month your baby could be on the move as they gain enough control over their limbs to crawl. They might even give you a cute little wave as they scoot across the floor.

Encourage them to explore. Putting toys (or yourself) just out of your baby's reach will give them a reason to start crawling around the floor. Textured play mats that are interesting to crawl over are also very interesting for a baby.

separation anxiety is normal at this age, so try to show your little one that you (and their toys) are still around even if they can't see them. Games of peekaboo are a fun way to do this, or putting their favourite toys in a box with a lid. Watch them work out how to take the toys back out and put them back in.

little mini-me

7 month old baby playing with a toy gadget

little mini-me

Babies learn by copying you, so it's no surprise that they're interested in your mobile phone and car keys. Try to distract them with toy versions of your favourite gadgets, and hide the real things well out of sight.

gripping and grabbing

Your baby has more control over their ten tiny fingers, and are mastering the 'pincer' motion with their thumb and first finger. Introduce them to shape sorters and stacking games to up their coordination skills (and get their brains whirring).

chitter chatter

two 7 month old babies babbling to each other

chitter chatter

Babbling is getting a bit more sophisticated this month, with harder-to-say consonants entering your baby's 'vocabulary'. They're starting to understand the meaning of words, even if they can't quite get their tongue around them yet.

less talk, more action

Your little one is getting really good at non-verbal communication. Watch for them holding out a tiny hand when they want something from you, and waving bye-bye to visitors. Now's a great time to teach nursery rhymes with fun actions – 'incy wincy spider', anyone?

getting ready to explore

Crawling is one of the most exciting milestones this month, but don't worry if your little one is content to sit and watch the world go by. Not all babies are crawlers – some children scoot around on their bottoms instead. Others go straight to standing up!