Baby development at 6 months Baby development at 6 months

your baby’s


at 6 months

how to help your baby's development at  6 months

Where does the time go? Your little one is half way through their first year already! Look out for their first tooth, and get ready to start them onsolid food

Stories aren't just for bedtime. Reading books with lots of memorable rhymes and rhythms will really help your baby tune into language. Encouraging them to make sounds like “ma”, “ba” and “da” will help set them on the path to saying their very first word. Practicing animal sounds are ideal for this game.

Your poor little darling might be having a bit of teething trouble this month. As well as developing their sense of touch by giving them different textures to play with (soft rubber, smooth plastic and fuzzy fur), you might also want to introduce the cool hardness of a teething ring. Lots of cuddles and giggles will take their mind off the pain.

hello toothy grins

happy and smiley 6 month old baby

hello toothy grins

If your baby is grumpy, dribbly and has flushed red cheeks, don't be alarmed: it means their very first tooth is on the way. The bottom front one are usually the first to come in. When they arrive, brush them twice a day with a soft toothbrush and baby toothpaste.

teething troubles

It's amazing how tiny little teeth can cause such big reactions. Chewing helps, so let your little one gnaw on a teething ring. As they're over four months old, rubbing teething gel on gums can ease the pain as can sugar-free painkilling liquids with paracetamol or ibuprofen.

bye bye milk,hello solids

6 month old baby feeding themselves

bye bye milk,
hello solids

Your baby loves watching you eat and has even made a grab for your dinner. Looks like someone's ready for solids! They'll love trying new textures (and making a big mess). weaning guide has all the advice you need for baby's first bite.

roll with it

Your baby's strong muscles mean they're really good at rolling now. It's fun to watch, but it means you need to take extra care. You might want to move from a changing table to the floor, and you can't leave them alone on your bed anymore.

to roll or not to roll

When you check on your baby at night, you might notice they've rolled onto their tummy. If they look happy and comfortable, leave them, but some babies do appreciate a helping hand back into their favourite sleeping position!