Baby development at 5 months Baby development at 5 months

your baby’s


at 5 months

how to help your baby's development at  5 months

This month your baby is really starting to express themselves. Their emotions are developing, and they're starting ask for (and show) affection. They'll raise their arms when they want to be picked up, and baby's first cuddle will melt your heart (again).

Exercise together. Your baby is getting stronger by the day, but they might need a little help to build their muscles. Don't worry, you don't need to take them to the gym.

Help them to build their neck muscles by putting a toy in front of them during tummy time and lifting their head so they can see it. Encourage them to sit up by moving their legs into a v-shape and placing your baby’s favourite toy in the space. You might need to prop them up with cushions at first, and it's always good to stay nearby in case of wobbles.

heads up

5 month old baby developing their neck muscles

heads up

Your baby is growing really strong, and we don't need to tell you how wriggly they're getting! They love to see what's happening around them and can lift their back, neck and head when they're lying down.

improving eyesight

Your baby can see a lot better now. As well as recognising objects they have a much better sense of distance. They're also good at grabbing what they want, sometimes your hair (ouch!) and clothes. It's their way of learning and playing.

listening and babbling

mum lying on the bed with er baby

listening and babbling

Your baby is starting to associate sounds with the toys and people who make them. They also love to make their own noises. Encourage them by repeating their babbling back to them. In a few months, they'll start copying you to learn proper words.

world in emotion

Your little one's emotions are in overdrive. New feelings like love, affection and humour are joining their usual roster of happy, bored, angry, and upset. This month they're going to start showing a really strong attachment to you, so lay on the cuddles and love.

hard to say goodbye

It's normal for your baby to cry when you leave the room, as they're not sure when (or if) you're coming back. Cheer them up with funny faces and silly sounds – their growing sense of humour mean they'll really appreciate it.