Baby development at 4 months Baby development at 4 months

your baby’s


at 4 months

how to help your baby's development at  4 months

Longer nights of sleep and a regular feeding pattern will have everyone feeling a bit more settled. Your baby might start babbling to you in their own little language this month – just smile and nod!

Introduce them to music. Give them their first drum, xylophone or some jingle bells to play with. Join in for a bit of bonding (and stress relief). Your little one will also love looking at their reflection in a baby safe mirror, although they don't know it's them.

Your baby's language skills are slowly developing so help them along by singing lots of repetitive nursery rhymes and songs.

Their memory is getting better and better too, so don't be surprised if they pipe up and join you for the last syllable!

is it tasty?

4 month old baby chewing on their toy

is it tasty?

Your baby's hand-eye coordination is better now, and they're putting it to good use by popping anything and everything in their mouth. This tells them a lot about objects, from size and shape to weight and texture.

rolling, rolling, rolling

Your baby will probably roll over by themselves for the first time this month, so keep an eye on them when they're on the changing table. You can encourage them to get rolling by putting their favourite toy beside them.

little chatterbox

dad cuddling his 4 month old baby

little chatterbox

Your baby loves babbling to you (or anyone else) now. Their vocal cords are developing, and they can make a few consonant sounds like 'b', 'd' and 'm'. Chat to your baby as much as possible, and see if they'll repeat easy word like 'boo!'

how the world works

Your clever little baby is starting to realise the effect they have on the world. They might cry just to get a reaction from you, and will intently watch what happens when they kick a ball. These are the first signs of understanding cause and effect.

time for more jabs

Your baby's next set of vaccinations take place at the end of this month (16 weeks). They'll get three jabs this week – the third dose of the 5-in-1, the second dose of PCV and the second dose of Meningitis B.