Baby development at 3 months Baby development at 3 months

your baby’s


at 3 months

how to help your baby's development at  3 months

Your little one is getting stronger and smarter every day. They can kick like a mule and they're really fascinated by their own hands. This month they'll be charming strangers with plenty of big smiles.

Introduce them to some fun new toys.Their eyesight is getting a lot better, so they'll appreciate colourful ones a lot more now. They'll also enjoy feeling a range of different textures, from hard smooth plastic to soft fuzzy felt.

Try giving them a wrist rattle to shake. As well as being noisy (and therefore fun), it'll also help them develop their hand eye coordination and muscle control. As well as narrating your life for your little one, start reading them nursery rhymes. They'll be mesmerised by the rhythms, and it lays the foundations for learning to speak.

hello hands

3 month old baby discovering their hand

hello hands

One of the cutest milestones to look out for at the end of this month is the discovery (and obsession) with their hands. Watch them playing with their fingers, trying to clap, and grabbing anything and everything that comes their way.

tummy time

Popping your baby on the floor tummy-down for a few minutes each day helps them build up their neck muscles. Not everyone takes to tummy time right away, as it's quite tiring, but your baby will enjoy it more if you get down there with them.

big brainwaves

mum holding her baby's hand

big brainwaves

Your little one's brain is making thousands of connections each second. They know mum and dad's voices, and will look at people when they're talking. Some babies can even tell the difference between pictures of cats and dogs at this stage!

hello world

Those big gummy grins are no longer saved for mummy and daddy. Your little one will now flash it at anyone and everyone. They're getting more interested in other babies and their own reflection, although they won't realise it's themselves for a while yet.

more jabs

If you're immunising your baby you'll be taking them for their second set of jabs at week 12. This is two shots – the second dose of the 5-in-1 and the second dose of rotavirus. A big cuddle afterwards should calm them down and stop any tears.