Baby development at 2 months Baby development at 2 months

your baby’s


at 2 months

how to help your baby's development at  2 months

This month you'll experience some of the best moments of early parenthood, such as seeing your little one's first ever smile (and the chance of a full night's sleep).

Talk to your baby all the time. You may feel a bit silly at first, but try giving a running commentary on what you’re doing, like "Let’s put your socks on" or "I’m going to put you in the pram and we’ll go for a walk."

When you're chatting to your baby, give them time to respond as if you're having a conversation. Research shows that doing this encourages them to talk earlier.

Help to develop their motor skills and eyesight by giving them a baby gym to play with. The hanging toys will give them something to aim at with their hands and feet.

baby's first smile

baby's first smile

baby's first smile

Get ready for your heart to melt. All babies are different, but look out for their first smile around six weeks. You'll know it's a smile (and not trapped wind) because their little eyes will light up and their smile will get bigger as you beam back at them. Aww!

stronger every day

Two month olds love flexing their little muscles. Watch out for air punching, kicking, and lifting their head for just a few seconds. They love grasping things, but aren't quite sure how to let go – watch out for your dangly necklaces!

little copycat

baby's developing eyesight

little copycat

Your baby's eyesight is getting better, and they're really interested by the details of your face. They'll even try to copy your expressions – poke your tongue out for a really cute reaction. Research shows they can tell the difference between mum, dad and strangers.