baby development at 12 months old baby development at 12 months old

your baby’s


at 12 months

how to help your baby's development at  12 months

Wow! Where did all the time go? Your tiny baby is now a cheery little one year old. They're getting more independent by the day, they love copying mum and dad, and they're making some serious efforts to walk and talk

Keep talking. We know it's been a bit of a theme, but the more you talk to your baby the faster they'll learn. As well as chatting about daily life, add simple instructions like "pass mummy that sock".

Your baby is getting big and strong, so playing physical games that involve a bit of imagination is a good way to keep them entertained. A fun one is farmyard – get down on your hands and knees and practice those animal-sounds ('moo' and 'baa' are also sounds your little one needs to start talking).

your little helper

12 month old baby putting toys away

your little helper

From wiping down surfaces to putting away toys, your little one loves mimicking you as you tidy the house. This phase doesn't last long, so enjoy it – teenagers don't tidy often! Try to make it into game, so it's more fun for baby (and less frustrating for you).

mind your ps and qs

If your baby hasn't started talking yet, they will soon. It's really important to set a good example, so always say "please" when you want something and "thank you" when you get it. You can exaggerate this a bit when you're interacting with baby.

let's get physical

baby with stacking cup toys

let's get physical

Your baby will still appreciate a nice quiet story, but as they grow stronger they'll really love loud, noisy, physical activities like banging all the pots and pans in the cupboard, or knocking down big towers of building blocks.

gossiping with the girls

Don't be surprised if baby tries to join the conversation when your pals pop round for a cuppa. Even if nobody understands what they're trying to say, respond positively. At this age it's more important to boost their confidence than to work on their pronunciation.

not quite ready to socialise

Although they'll be fascinated whenever they see another baby, your little one won't be ready for playmates for at least another year. Even if they love places with lots of people (like supermarkets), they're still very nervous around strangers and might hide behind you for protection (aww).