Baby development at 10 months Baby development at 10 months

your baby’s


at 10 months

how to help your baby's development at  10 months

Your baby is a real little character now, and they'll know exactly what they like (and what they don't). Watch out for first words and wobbly cruising around the furniture!

Build their confidence. This month they'll be trying to speak, and even if they don't get a word exactly right first time, you should make a big fuss when they try. Repeat the word back to them (the proper way) to help them build their language skills.

As for games, your ten month old will love singing songs that link words and actions (like 'Pat-a-'Cake' and 'Round and Round the Garden'). These build language skills and hand-eye-coordination. Playing with dollhouses with tiny doors to open and toy cars with little wheels will help your baby to practice their pincer grip.

keep on moving

baby's first steps at 10 months

keep on moving

Once your baby's mastered crawling and/or the bottom-shuffle, it won't take them long to pull themselves up use your furniture for support on a journey round the room. From there it's no giant leap for them to take those first wobbly steps!

brand new textures

Purées are being replaced with minced and chopped food. Chewing and swallowing skills are important for speech development, too. It's always wise to introduce new flavours with a tiny taste at a time. For tips and advice, give our weaning guide a look.

watching closely

two 10 month old babies chatting to each other

watching closely

If your little one looks really interested in what you're up to, it's because they are. When they're watching you they're trying to work out your behavioural patterns, and they're also learning about social interactions. They're soaking it all up, so pop your role model hat on.

memorise this

Your little clever-clogs can now recognise different faces, and remember people who they haven't seen for a while. They can also remember their toys and know whether you're going to the park or the shops depending on the route you're walking.

following instructions

At ten months some babies can follow simple instructions like "please pass the ball". They might even say their first word. Some sounds are easier than others, so don't be too offended if they say the name of the family pet before 'mama' or 'dada'!