dressed to impress:
how to dress a baby

Your newborn's wriggly arms and legs can make the idea of dressing them feel a bit like putting a T-shirt on an octopus. It's really not that difficult, of course. You just need to be gentle and patient, and a little bit firm if you need to. During their early days your baby will be living in bodysuits and sleepsuits. Once they're ready for proper clothes, you'll be a baby-dressing expert.

how to dress a baby with mothercare

how to put on a bodysuit

Think of your baby's bodysuit as their underwear. This goes over their head, so stretch it nice and big. When babies are tiny they tend to clench their fists quite tightly, so you'll need to stretch the sleeves out and push their hands through a little bit too. Chat away to your baby while you're doing this, as they'll probably be fussing a touch and the sound of your voice can help calm them down. Once the head and hands are through, smooth out the bodysuit. Tuck it over the nappy and fasten

how to put on a sleepsuit

The sleepsuit goes on over the bodysuit to keep baby cosy. These usually have poppers all the way up, and go on like a jacket rather than a jumper. Pop one arm through first and then gently roll your baby onto their side. Pull the sleepsuit under them and straighten it so it's easy to get the legs in. Pop their other arm through, pull their legs through and then button up. Your baby will be warmer now so should have stopped protesting, and will probably be listening intently to whatever you're saying to them.

how to dress a baby in summer

If you've been blessed with a summer baby you'll need to make sure they don't overheat on hot and humid days. Babies can't regulate their own temperature, so keep them cool by avoiding layers. A bodysuit on its own is usually fine. Show off those cute little arms and legs, but keep babies less than six months old out of direct sunlight. You can get sunshade attachments for buggies, and a little sunhat is an absolute must have. Use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15, and choose one designed especially for babies.

how to dress a baby in winter

Always dress winter babies in the same number of layers as you're wearing and then add one. When going out, a warm inner layer, a snowsuit and a hat should do the trick, with a blanket for the extra layer. If you're going inside a cafe, shop or friend's house, take off the blanket, hat and snowsuit. Babies overheat really easily, and this can increase the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It's really important to take off a few layers even if they're asleep.