child's play:
have fun with these games for babies

mum playing fun face games with her baby

Playtime with your little one makes all those night feeds (and endless nappy changes) completely worth it. Seeing your baby learn new skills before your eyes is truly priceless. Try these simple suggestions for some fun baby activities which can help your child develop.


talk to your baby

Having a natter with your baby is a great way to get them engaged – just don't expect too much conversation from them yet! Just keep chatting away throughout the day and listening to their coos and baby talk. They'll be hanging on your every word and picking up vital language skills for the future.


make them mimic you

Babies love to copy what we do – it's how they learn. So try sitting your baby on your knee facing you, and stick your tongue out at them. That'll probably get their attention and start them giggling. See if you can get them to copy you and give them lots of praise when they make their own funny face.


play with bubbles

One of the baby games that’s great for coordination is playing with bubbles. All you need to do is get comfortable on the floor with your baby and blow bubbles around them. They'll love watching them float by and as they develop, they'll be able to reach out and grab them – pop!


water babies

Some babies absolutely love splashing in water (others are a little bit more shy). If you introduce them to water in the early days, they can develop their natural reflexes for swimming. Why not try baby swimming classes? Mums can go along six weeks after giving birth, or your baby can attend earlier if a partner or someone else can take them.


read to your baby

Nothing's better than bonding with your little one over a story. If you can find a quiet ten minutes in the day (we know!), try snuggling up together with a book. They'll love to listen to you and the quality time together will encourage their interest in reading later on.


ball games

Even if you're not trying to develop the next Wayne Rooney or Steph Houghton, you'll enjoy ball games with your little one. Once baby is old enough to sit up, put them on a playmat, roll a soft ball towards them and encourage them to push it back to you. Give them lots of praise for their skills, then go again.